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Learn To Play Piano - The Second Six Weeks. A New Online Only book that picks up where 'In Six Weeks or Less' leaves off. Contains 40+ online lessons, each lessons with instructions, music sheets, lesson sheets, and a 10 minute HD video. That totals over 5 hours of videos. Bundled together with the HD streaming videos for Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks.

The powerful combination of both sets of videos and the New online Learn To Play Piano - The Second Six Weeks is now available with a Beginners's Subscription for $9.99.

HD streaming videos of the entire Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks (same videos as DVD) PLUS access to all PianoInstruction, and PianoForKids Lessons. Register as Beginner for only $9.99.
HD Streaming Videos for the book. Plus Online Only Learn To Play Piano - The Next Six Weeks, with HD Videos. Register as a Beginner for access.
Only $9.99

Four hours of HD videos that teach all the lessons in the book. Use as a companion to the book. Same videos as contained on DVD.
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Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks, the book
Only $12.95 plus S&H

Learn piano the easy way in only six weeks or less. Unlike any piano instruction book ever written. Hundreds of Thousands of happy students.
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Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks DVD
Only $24.95 plus S&H

4 hours of high qualilty videos giving you instruction on every lesson in your six weeks of learning.

* DVD is in NTSC format for US distribution. International students requiring PAL format should contact us at dan@pianoinstruction.com.