The Piano For Kids books are designed in such a way to reach students age 5 to adult. I have developed 3 creative levels to apply yourself on the same material in these volumes. A new Level of playing will be introduced in each of the Piano For Kids volumes. By applying the 3 LEVELS OF PLAYING one can enjoy these books as a beginner, intermediate or more advanced player. This will provide years of use knowing that all the material you practice you can return to someday and play at that next level.

I have had tremendous success presenting this method to children as young as age 5 and watching them as they complete the book to go back and explore the new challenges each new level of playing offers. They find themselves sounding more mature as they incorporate new learned techniques into these pieces. Itís fun and easy. When the students return to material, they are already familiar with it. Now they can focus on the next level much more effectively bringing quicker results which will help motivate them and encourage them to keep challenging their ability.

Students are learning techniques they can instantly apply to material of their choice with confidence and ease. The 3 LEVELS OF PLAYING is a very important aspect of this teaching methodology. So many elements come into play when applying the new levels. This is what makes these volumes a valuable resource for many years.


All pieces in the book count with a metronome or count out loud as you play the melodies accurately in the RIGHT HAND. Play the single chord letters in the left hand anywhere below the melody. (Use what fingering feels most comfortable) Try to establish HAND POSITIONS to avoid lots of jumping around with your hands. It is most important to master this basic level of application before moving on to LEVEL 2 , which will be introduced in VOLUME 2 of PIANO FOR KIDS.


Special focus will be given to more activity with your left hand. In addition to viewing full chord symbols (maj7, m7b5, 6 etc.), the 3 note patterns will be outlining an octave, and this will prepare us for LEVEL 3. Beautiful 3 note pattern pieces and duets will be used extensively in VOLUME 2 of PIANO FOR KIDS to further support this level. The student will be able to use this technique in the tunes in the book as well as tunes of their choice.


A most professional application system taught in a way kids will understand. The top note of the (3) note pattern will be altered to bring out an important part of each chord symbol. The BASIC 3 note pattern which had once been viewed as a beginner application is now applied adjusting it as you view chord symbols. Truly a technique that will last a lifetime . A technique that even professional pianists use. As you work through each of PIANO FOR KIDS 3 levels, you should be encouraged that the time spent on each level will be well worth your efforts... ENJOY!