What an exciting opportunity for the students at Madison Elementary to work collaboratively with a local artist! We appreciate the efforts of Dan Delaney to include us in this project.




Art/Computer teacher

It is important for students to see a real world connection to the art that they produce within the school. The students became graphic artists and illustrators for music compositions created by Dan. This project was a great collaboration between the art curriculum and a real world project, Piano for Kids. The students became professionals whose work will be on display for the public. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this project.





Mountain Top Music Center

I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Delaney for the past seven years at the Community Music Center. It was here that Dan developed and tested his music methodology and lighthearted lesson plans on children everyday after-school in our programs. Danís exceptional talents in teaching young children jazz piano has enriched the lives of hundreds of children in the Mount Washington Valley and developed strong jazz players. It is with great excitement that we look forward to Danís new internet learning center, Piano for Kids. Now you can enjoy Danís talents, good humor, and remarkable teaching tool at home with your children.