Why not? Here are some fun techniques that will enrich the music learning process for all.


In our modern day time of Rap and Hip Hop, I feel it is important to become familiar with a variety of styles of music. In this process a student will learn to appreciate and respect music that he or she may not hear everyday. Of course everyone will have a favorite style, but a student should realize that to play each style of music well requires an enormous amount of skill and years of dedication by the musicians in learning to create this music. Not to mention that the music will surely hold a special place in that performer's heart.


A fun activity is to scan the channels in the car radio and identify the music. Is it JAZZ, POP, CLASSICAL, COUNTRY, NEW AGE, RAP etc.

As you focus in on a style try to name the instruments you hear. Also, in vocals, is the singer a man or woman. It may be several singers. Listen to the words. Are they sad or happy? Is the music fast or slow which in a lot of cases will tell the mood of the music.


A favorite activity with my kids. Often I would be in the car waiting while my wife would run into the market and I would find a classical station and tell stories letting the mood of the music feed my thoughts. What FUN! My kids would love this and it sure passed the time nicely using music as a creative source.


Feeling rhythm in music is so important. This will help settle into a smoother application on your instrument and enhance the value of counting notes. This exercise is fun for the whole family.

First find some music you like and find the steady beats within the music. Once you can find the steady beat... clap on beat 1 then 2 then 3 then 4. Once you can do this move onto 2 beats at a time. Beat (12) (13) (14) (24) (34). Students will notice that the beats that are not clapped will be felt inside. Beat 1 may be hard at times for some to feel. A tip is to listen to the beginning of lyric phrases or maybe find the cymbal or some sort of musical accent that would indicate beat 1. When you find it the music will fit nicely. Try this on all types of music and enjoy feeling those beats.