Here are some valuable tips for teaching children piano. First of all I must recommend that for the very young kids, it best to have a parent take an active part and interest in the piano with their child. We cannot expect most 5 and 6 year old children to be able to practice effectively on their own. Make it a fun experience for them. Have it be like your already planned routines, like reading to your child. Now just add piano with your child.

For those busy households with all the extra activities kids are committed to each week and homework, it is so important to schedule the time very carefully. I find it best to develop a regular time to practice. Even with just 5 minutes a day you are now on your way to developing healthy, effective practice techniques. The time I spend with my kids is my special time with them, a time that we both look forward to. Having 4 children to teach piano to helps dedicate that very important one on one time that is so special in large families.

Set up a daily PRACTICE SHEET, rewarding them with stickers for each day they practice and note the amount of time they spent. If you miss a day try to double up if possible to stay on a schedule which will help develop an understanding of effective practicing. Your child will love to track their practice on a chart which will motivate them to continue on a regular basis. Of course depending on the age of your child you can adjust the daily practice time that fits best for you and your family. Some daily time suggestions I have found to work nicely based on age are listed below. A PRACTICE CHART sample is found on one of the following pages on this site. Copy it, or you may create one of your own to print each week and enter in a separate practice book.

It is much more effective to practice daily for just a few minutes than practicing for 1 hour 2 days a week. So try to make piano part of your everyday routine and you will be assured of fast results, which in turn will boost confidence and encourage the student to continue to grow.



5    5 mins  These times are only to use as suggestions.
6   10 mins  By applying these times you can expect a
7   15 mins  steady range of growth on the instrument
8   20 mins  and be developing important practice
9   25 mins  habits that will be carried years to come.
10  30 mins
11 and older 30 mins. or more