Mountain Top Music Center

I have been actively involved as a faculty member of the Mountain Top Music Center since 1993. They do a wonderful job offering high quality music instruction to the children and adults of this rural community.

I have grown particularly fond of my Piano For Kids project as a result of having four children of my own. I have taught piano for more than 25 years and in that time I have surely had my share of young children to teach. I can recall even back in my early years searching for material to use. I would create similar pieces of music like I have written in my book for the kids to learn . I have always enjoyed adding a creative twist to hold their interest and keep them motivated.

I can now fulfill my own personal goal to teach my kids piano and I must say it is one of the most exciting projects I have pursued in the music industry. As a faculty teacher of Mountain Top Music I have been able to work regularly with age appropriate children in addition to working with my own four kids. I have tested mall of the material included in my methodology in actual lessons over a four year period . It has worked beyond what I could have imagined. As a teacher I have seen the material work week to week, so easy to use and fun. I personally use this material in all my teaching of young children.

Piano instructors are going to welcome this proven methodology which is organized for them, making their job so much easier. They can feel confident in presenting this material knowing it will reach the young learner in an appealing way.

So as I complete this teaching method and incorporate it into the internet, I would like thank Mountain Top Music Center students who have studied with my book during its development stages. They have helped make Piano For Kids what it is today and have helped make it a method that will work for others. I would like to extend my appreciation in such a way that a portion of each book sold will be donated to benefit Mountain Top Music Center to help keep music an active part of children’s lives.