In todayís day of Modern technology, electronic pianos have surely taken a hold on the piano market. Many offering incredible sound reproduction and some with real acoustic piano feel in the keys. Here are my thoughts on each. Please choose what is best for you. What may work for one person is not a choice of another.


There is nothing like playing a quality brand, well tuned acoustic piano. The warmth of the sound, the feel of the hammer hitting the string. Rather pricey compared to their electric partner. One will find that many factors contribute in the price one will pay.. A spinet piano, baby grand or concert grand. All a wonderful piece of furniture and usually will appreciate in value if taken care of. If you opt to make this your piano of choice, beginners need only an affordable, mechanically sound, well tuned instrument. It is always best advised to purchase from a reputable dealer or if buying privately be sure to have a piano technician check the piano thoroughly before purchasing. Hidden problems only a skilled technician will find can at times cost more than the piano is worth to fix. I personally started with a nice console piano and at the age of 19 bought my first grand piano (6ft) . After 10 years of enjoying playing this quality instrument I then made the move up to a concert size 7 foot piano . Typically as ones playing gets to higher levels you can appreciate just what these higher end pianos can offer. To this day I would still rather play a good spinet piano instead of many grand pianos out there. So donít let size fool you. The size only helps when the action and the feel is up to par.


This may prove to be the best choice for beginning KIDS. They can be affordable and offer portability. Many have a large array of sounds and rhythms. Kids will love the ability to play their exercises using the different sounds. Other advantages are that you can control the loudness and even go as far as playing them with headphones. Very much appreciated in active households. I look at it as whatever it takes to keep them drawn to the piano is a positive step in the right direction. The action and feel of the inexpensive electric pianos is not a concern in the beginning stages of learning. The main focus as a beginner is the knowledge of fundamentals. Technique will be more important after a fair amount of this has been covered. On entry level electric pianos I suggest FULL SIZE KEYS and the ability to accept a SUSTAIN PEDAL. Personally in my home my kids have available to them two acoustic pianos ( a spinet and a concert grand) and they choose the electric piano to practice on. They are doing just fine and enjoy it tremendously. As their playing gets to a higher level they will surely get a taste of just how special a quality grand piano is to play. I will encourage them to be working on real piano action at a certain stage of their piano development but in the meantime the key is just to get them in a regular routine.