• Use a metronome or count out loud
  • If the student is having a hard time with the metronome, then before using the metronome again, focus on counting OUT LOUD so the DUET can follow the students voice to better have the two connect.
  • Keep tempo slow. (54-60) for each quarter note to begin, then move up to reach the challenging speed for that given student.
  • On those pieces where the LEFT HAND letters are being placed, it is best to LEAVE OUT the LEFT HAND until better prepared to use both hands at a time.
  • Large group settings in the beginning of each piece go around the room with two pianos at a time playing to better check proper application and understanding of each bar.
  • Be sure to explain always that students should follow along when a pianist is being corrected. We can all learn from others mistakes. Explain MISTAKES are OK! they offer us material to work on and learn from.
  • Higher level pianists may play DUETS with less experienced players. They can use full left hand application learned in VOLUMES 2 and 3 in our CHORD STUDY 3 , 4 and 5 note patterns.