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Here at PianoForKids, we believe strongly in providing a fun and interesting experience built on the foundation of a structured teaching method. The fun and interesting aspect of our model keeps kids interested, and the structured method keeps them progressing. We follow up our PianoForKids instruction with similar instruction sets at PianoInstruction.com, providing quality piano instruction for all ages and all levels of experience. Some of the parents with kids enrolled here, might want to enroll at PianoInstruction.com. This joint participation at both levels leads to sustained interest and growth for both kids and parents.

PianoForKids is a unique, fun, and easy to learn piano instruction method for kids ages 5 through 12. PianoForKids teaches piano based on Dan Delaney’s experience and dedication to piano teaching and piano playing for more than 25 years.

The PianoForKids lessons and videos incorporate over 1 year worth of Video Piano Lessons that run on your computer over the Internet. This Piano Teaching Software method allows students to learn piano at their own pace and in the comfort of their own home under the guidance of a professional piano teacher. The lessons include video instruction, tunes, pictures, stories, terms and symbols, and of course, quizzes.

Providing years of high quality piano instruction on the internet is not free, and we need to charge some fees to offset those expenses. Our fee structure is designed to be far more affordable than traditional piano instruction, and far more affordable than typical onlime lessons, so we can bring the joy of playing the piano to far more people.

We charge $9.99 for membership with the program. As a member, you receive access to PianoForKids, PianoInstruction, Name That Note, Videos for Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks (you will need to buy the book separately to get full value of the videos), and more as outlined in our Home page.

In our teaching method, each lesson builds on techniques learned in the previous lessons. This means that the best method for progressing with the lessons is sequentially, and we reinforce that by providing the next four lessons in sequence every month.

Some kids may already have some piano experience when they join, and we have provided a means for determining where they should join the course. Free lessons are scattered throughout the course that can be viewed to determine whether that section of the course fits the experience of the student. When the child is enrolled, the starting section can be choosen, so that lessons of the correct challenge are delivered every month.

Our lessons are made up of a tune and a duet to play, composed by Dan Delaney, along with new terms and techniques to learn, and fun quizzes to reinforce the learning. A six minute video comes with each lesson. In the video, Dan gives the lessons the way he would if he were in your home. The lessons can easily be printed, punched, and put in a binder so your kid has something to take to the piano or keyboard. We have even put all the tunes on the bottom of the pages so your child’s head does not have to bob up and down to look at the score.

We teach piano to more than just kids. We have a course that fits your needs, no matter what your age or experience. Take a look at our home page to learn about Cool Cats and Dan's Inner Circle.