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Beginners and Book Owners

Thanks, Dan! I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly.
Long day at the office today, so I look forward to working with your
slash chord advice tomorrow. One overdue item I was able to take care
of today now that Ive finished your book: Giving it a 5 star rating
and providing a positive description on Amazon! It should be posted
now. As I mentioned previously, your book has been such a tremendous
resource and what Ive learned makes me that much more excited to
continue building upon that solid foundation you helped develop.

Thanks for sending the links! I particularly appreciated seeing the
clip in which you discussed slash chords and thanks also for sending the
music . . . also, your performance of Somewhere Out There was absolutely

I plan to circle back with you regarding your personalized video
correspondence program. It is an offering in which I am certainly

Thanks again, Dan.
Gabriel Aguilera

Good Evening or Afternoon Mr. Delaney, depending on your Time Zone,

My name is Robert Austen (Hello from Washington DC), and I picked-up your outstanding Learn to Play Piano book today from our local library. Though I have read only the introductory sections and first textual pages, I wanted to thank you for a well-rendered instructional book.

I worked fairly hard through the first career of my life and am now privileged with cultivating those interests that have eluded me for three decades: chess, literature, wine & horses, and of course music.

Intermittently over the years I have start-and-stopped with piano instruction (we have two pianos, after all . . . neither is in tune!) and the opening theory of your book hit me, bullseye. I dont consider myself a sharp man, nor overly stupid, and for some reason the connective ability of the old 1950s Thompson piano books simply was not reaching me in a meaningful way. I tried others sporadically as well, though I am a firm believer in strong fundamentals and dedicated, useful practice.

Your bullseye concerned(s) the way the information is conveyed to a pupil or enthusiast. How easy school would be if we could all blame the teacher! But in all candor, I may have been using the wrong devices to learn the chord shapes and structures, mel and harmony, etc.

It certainly appears that your book is the right (pun) instrument for my revisitation and cultivation.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into it. I hope to block sufficient time for meaningful practice and learning in this attempt. It was never a problem before, either; somehow it all just didnt ring correctly, and other endeavors took precedence until the piano slipped away.

As we mature we realize the greatest satisfaction comes from the building and nurturing process rather than the immediate gratification we lust for when were young.

It seems your book builds that bridge quite well.

Thanks again!
Robert Austen

The piano class that is offered by Dan Delaney has been an awesome experience for me. I have had this keyboard at home for years gathering dust. Learning to play it was not at the top of my list. That all changed when I ran into Dan. His method of teaching makes it so easy to play some pretty good tunes from the very beginning. I am doing things that I never thought that I could do. The technique of shells and patterns makes it easy to sound pretty good in a short period of time. I now have a good knowledge in understanding the keyboard layout, how to read sheet music, notes, chords and ever ergonomic things that prevent injury. The book and dvd are also great. They are concise and full of great information. As a teacher, Dan is fantastic. He is calm, patient and always ready to answer any questions and demonstrate things on the piano.
The bottom line is that I would recommend taking seminars and lessons from Dan. It also goes without saying that he is a great musician in his own right and knows how to work with people with far less experience.
Tony Ulaski – a proud student of Dan Delaney.

Tony Ulaski

Anna Gaston
Dear Dan Delaney & Bill Chotkowski, I enjoyed your video and book, "learn to Play Piano in six weeks or less." Playing the piano had always been my goal and passion since I was a toddler. Even though I am grown now, I have never lost that passion. Your book made it clearer and easy to understand and follow even if you did not have someone going over it step by step. You have made the task of learning much better by explaining step by step so that there is no misunderstanding about what the student is being taught. I have enjoyed this book and look forward to reading other books that you are planning to put on the market. Thanks again for making piano playing seem easier than an individual could have ever imagined. Thanks again. Yours Truly, Anna Gaston

I am a seventy five year old man who sta
rted to learn music and piano a few years ago. I have purchased a number of books about learning to play piano/music. Most of these books concentrated on classical music, but I was more interested in popular and jazz music. I have been very disappointed in my progress over the years, it’s not because I’m stupid; I have a MBA and am a retired CPA. It just appears to me that no matter what your background is, you will only benefit from studying what your really interested in and not what someone tells you must learn first.

A few short words can hardly do justice to what I have learned from Dan Delaney’s book entitled “Learn to Play Piano In Six Weeks Or Less”. When I started studying and practicing from this book I learned more and more about piano/music and my playing became better and better. Now I find it easier to play popular and jazz from Fake Books, which I love to do. Dan’s lessons are written as simply as can be to show you everything you need to know and enjoy in your playing.

UPDATED Addition: April 11, 2019
Dear Dan,

Well, you’ve done it again.
Permit me to join your many students and friends in congratulating you on your new book “Six Weeks Or Less-Intermediate Level” , which is fantastic.
It is indeed an appropriate honor and memorable one for your years of splendid musical achievements, and I am proud to be associated with you as a student and friend.
My very best wishes to you.
Thomas De Lucca

Tom De Lucca
Boca Raton, Florida

I was surprised when after a long time of piano abstinence (caring for my mother) coming back to your site seeing lots of new stuff and rearrangement of all your materials. Piano is a great rich source of very valuable teaching stuff and tools. You have improved a lot on the site and especially the new book seems very promising. I ordered it from amazon and almost cannot wait to get it into my hands. I hope it will be released right in time.
Besides the extensive and logically arranged tutorials I like your teaching style very much. Your enthusiasm and your spirit jumps easily over to the student and after watching the lessons i always was motivated to practice more intensely, which after the death of my mother, now allows me to bring into place and rediscover my piano from a new perspective. I rarely learned so much in such a short time as when practicing with your first book. Although i am not a beginner i could discover many "tricks" and learning many techniques from a new perspective. I am sure my progress will speed up thanks to your great lessons, your joyful teaching and your clear demonstrations.
Thanks for all your time and effort bringing so much to us.
Looking forward to all what will come.

all the best

Rainer Wilhelm
March 1, 2019