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We have lessons for everyone using Dan's unique chord and tune techniques

For Intermediate to Advanced Players - CoolCats Register Now
CoolCat lessons are for everyone who wants to progress with chord and tonal movement techniques to continuously higher levels of proficiency. You can use these lessons for years of continuous playing improvement. Some of these lessons have been used to teach professional players. Dan continually adds more lessons as he captures more of his teaching into HD video, possibly even faster than you can learn them. We currently offer Volume One and Volume Two of CoolCats.

Additional Volumes targeting concentrated areas of technique will be released as developed. If you are registered with us, we will keep you up to date regarding our new releases.

CoolCats lessons are appropriate for:
      Our book students who want to progress beyond the basics presented in the book.
      Chord players who want to progress beyond the basics into Dan's innovative Inner Tonal Movement techniques.
      Classical players who want to learn popular techniques with chords, patterns, chord tones, tonal movements, improvisation, and harmonization.

Samples of CoolCats Volume One can be seen here.
Samples of CoolCats Volume Two can be seen here.

For Beginners Register Now
Buy the book Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks or Less and register as a beginner for our streaming videos to accompany the book. When you have completed Learn to Play Piano in Six Weeks, advance to the online Book2 - Learn to Play Piano the Second Six Weeks. This lesson set comes with your beginner's registration. Graduate from Book2 into the CoolCat lessons and really refine your playing at an intermediate level.

For that Personal Touch
Dan's Inner Circle provides the personal teaching that many players desire. Dan designs special lessons for you and gives you a personal 15 minute video addressing your special needs. You develop a personal relationship with one of the leading online music professionals.