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Study directly with Dan via his Personalized Correspondence Program, Dan developed this over 25 yrs ago and is pleased to now deliver his most valued material ever seen. He will deliver unique content, a result of over 30 years of teaching in a methodology "specifically known to his teachings". Choose MONTHLY or BI-WEEKLY scheduling, what best serves your lifestyle. Students will record lessons to meet a scheduled DUE DATE, sending files to Dan for review and Dan personally replies to the student with a personal critique and full evaluation VIDEO, in addition, you receive all the VIDEOS / PAGES played by Dan at your specific level with a new UE DATE assigned. You have the ability to email Dan direct while your practicing if questions should arise. This is an extremely powerful delivery of personalized piano instruction enabling the student to review the lesson material over and over to better understand things that would have been lost in an in person lesson.

You will not believe just how informative these lessons really are until you experience the material put forth and the personal attention you will receive as a student of the INNER CIRCLE. As a College educator and private instructor my whole life I can honestly attest that these lessons are more affordable than weekly in person lessons would be and more effective too, being able to see content over and over after each lesson. A luxury all of us wished we had when studying our instrument.

MONTHLY or BI-WEEKLY Scheduling:
Dan offers a variety of programs within the INNER CIRCLE. You can choose what best fits your lifestyle whether it be one lesson a MONTH or if you prefer to work even harder you can schedule.

Full HD video quality you can experience from Dan. He has gone to great measures to capture his content with multiple cameras so you can enjoy your lessons on your Iphone to large screen TV experiencing full 1080p resolution and outstanding audio.

There are many BENEFITS to be part of Dan's INNER CIRCLE of students. Due to the personalized nature of this offering he offers it only to a few select students at a time Worldwide. Here are some of the great things associated with the INNER CIRCLE.

  1. Front of the waiting list - When you leave the INNER CIRCLE study program and wish to return you automatically go to the front of any waiting list as a preferred INNER CIRCLE MEMBER!
  2. Be recognized as a valued INNER CIRCLE contributor in the Question & Answer section of website.
  3. At advanced levels potential "Teacher's Apprentice" opportunities available.