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Welcome to PianoInstruction.com. We deliver unique online video piano lessons created by Dan Delaney, a well-known Jazz musician.

Our course work is divided into months, with lessons in 8 different tracks every month. Each month comes with sheet music and 6 minutes of video instruction for each track. This totals almost an hour of video instruction and 20 pages of written instruction and sheet music every month that unlock Dan's piano methods.

With the advent of new video server technologies like YouTube, we have found ways to significantly reduce our costs and we now pass those savings to you through a very inexpensive one time registraton fee of $9.99 for all of our Classic PianoInstruction lessons plus our Classic PianoForKids lessons and all other materials as outlined on our home page. You can print the music sheets, watch the videos, and play at your piano as much as you want once you have received the lessons.

The 8 to 10 lessons for each month should be worked on together, spending a little time in each of the lessons during every practice session. Each of the lessons has multiple steps or levels that the student works on throughout the month. With continued practice, a student can master the wealth of material, all the levels of all the lessons presented each month. But don't worry, the lessons are all related and proficiency in one track reinforces the others. We also provide a self evaluation tool and time scheduler to help you budget your time for each of the 8 lessons.

For added enjoyment, you can concentrate on the Take 5 lessons, advancing ahead of the other lessons. They will start you playing with remarkable speed.

Work with Dan and in only a few days you will be playing music that will be a listening pleasure. We will give you the foundation for a lifetime of piano enjoyment, whether it is jamming with your friends, or getting out your favorite song book and playing on a Saturday afternoon.

Dan has just relocated to Laguna Beach, California where he remains active teaching and performing. He has just placed years of his advanced techniques and videos online. You may want to visit our home page to see our other offerings regarding the Cool Cat lessons, his Inner Circle program, as well as our book.