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In Month 1 Dan introduces you to our eight lesson tracks and gets you started with some fun and challenging techniques.

NEW! Take 5 - Play the piano in 5 minutes - CHORDAL PATTERNS with IMPROVISATION - A revolutionary technique that will have you playing the piano and impressing your friends in just 5 minutes. Too good to be true? Just try it. Using any of the white notes on the piano, a very musical setting is created. By using our diagrams, no knowledge of notes or reading will be necessary. The LEFT HAND 3 note chordal patterns will support your selections played in the Right Hand. Enjoy the endless possibilities.

NEW! Take 5 Tunes - Play the piano in 5 minutes - MAJOR7ths - one note down - chord shell - A revolutionary technique that will have you playing the piano and impressing your friends in just 5 minutes. This lesson will begin a 3 part focus to teach you all you will need to know all the chords on the piano. We will be learning how to grab an octave in the left hand (C to C for example) and drop your thumb down to the very next note to the left. This will have you playing the Maj7 of a chord. These are referred to as the chord shell. By learning these outer edge parts one can instantly be able to play chords on their favorite tunes. It is important however to learn the musical alphabet on the piano knowing where all the C D E F G A and B are as you begin this exercise. You can look at the Reading lesson in the Introduction Samples or in Month 1, or play Name That Note to become comfortable with the note letters. Once you try this technique I am sure you will agree that there is no better way. The most important message is that the chord shells you learn are used by top professional players all the time. It is such an easy thing to learn, it is hard to believe that it is one of my favorite tools to use as a professional pianist. See for yourself in my presentations just how powerful they are.

Scales - C and G RIGHT HAND one octave - A musical application where you apply LEFT HAND notes held while running the scale in your RIGHT HAND. A fundamental that will build strength in your hands, training you to move between notes with accuracy, playing them evenly.

Reading - Introduction to lines and spaces - A musical application for reading notes. Your LEFT HAND plays chordal letters while a mixture of lines and spaces are played in your RIGHT HAND.

Counting - WHOLE NOTE and HALF NOTE introduction - Learn to count notes in this musical setting with the counting workpiece. This is an important fundamental to make music fit the way it was meant to be.

Chords - C and F MAJOR TRIADS - 6 levels of application to support solid learning of the triad parts.

Chordal Patterns - C B A F KEYS - Application of 3 note figures will establish time in the left hand and lend itself to a musical part of our studies.

Tunes - MAJOR7 application of 4 keys - Learn to use the outer edges (root and 7th) of these chords as a quick, easy way of playing chords on the piano. This is a basic presentation which is used at professional levels of playing.

Improvisation - Scales will provide a wonderful artistic tool for us to explore. Focus on improvisation on the KEYS of C and G using the scale degrees over a basic 3 note LEFT HAND pattern.

Blues - C BLUES INTRODUCTION - Become familiar with the 12 bar blues progression and understand an effective way the chords will be played. 3 notes from the C BLUES scale will be used to explore basic blues playing.