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Month 10 includes...

Scales - WHITE KEYS Bb Eb Ab Db RIGHT HAND 1 octave - The hold notes in the LEFT HAND will support the scale. The scales will provide an important technical area to build strength and control of your notes. The varied HOLD NOTE selections help develop a strong awareness of the scale tones.

Reading - TREBLE - 3 notes mixed-2-2 and BASS CLEF - Emphasis always remains on my focus for the material to be musical. This reading piece will push your reading level, offering an advanced viewing of very musical notes. 3 Note clusters followed by 2 groups of 2 notes will quickly help develop your reading skill to prepare you for general reading pieces.

Counting - EIGHTH NOTES ACTIVE LH - Continue counting each beat in 2 parts to fit this eighth note notation. We apply an active LEFT HAND to support this musical and challenging melody.

Chords - MAJOR - MINOR TRIADS 3 b3 application - As we continue to bring the 3 and b3 into our RIGHT HAND, we continue to spread the chord parts between the two hands. This professional technique will be carried into the highest level of playing.

Chordal Patterns - PIECE and DUET eighth note application - A very musical presentation will be supported by the 3 note chordal patterns. Eighth notes will be introduced. The main piece and duet blend nicely together to further enhance this topic.

Tunes - 1,7 LEFT HAND mixtures - The (1,7) LEFT HAND outer edge shell will prove to be one of the most valuable pieces of chord playing you will ever receive. Applied here on a mixture of chords against a very musical melody. A technique all professionals use regularly in their playing.

Improvisation - White Keys - Bb Eb Ab Db mixed degrees and 4th degree - Focus on the 4th degree will highlight its unique function. The 4th is used as a passing tone, resolving to the 3rd or 5th degree of the scale. This tone added to the 1 2 3 5 and 7 will hold great value. Many musical ideas will come forth at this level of improvisation.

Blues - BLUES SCALE LINEAR GAPPING - An exciting adjustment of the blues scale notes that breaks the line formation into different sounds with the gapping. More options of your improvisational ideas will come forth as a result of this skipping over scale tones.