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Month 2 includes...

NEW! Take 5 - Play the piano in 5 minutes - WHITE KEY IMPROVISATION (2 notes)We continue making music using all the white notes on the piano. Use of diagrams will help guide you to proper note placement in the Left Hand. No knowledge of reading notes is necessary to succeed here. Enjoy the many possibilities the white keys can hold. Play with chords Cmaj7, Fmaj7, Amin7, and G/B.

NEW! Take 5 Tunes - Play the piano in 5 minutes - Chord Shell - 2 notes down - We focus on developing the 2 notes down from the octave in the Left Hand. As we drop our thumb to this position we will be forming the outer edges of 4 more chord types, the Minor7, Dominant7, Minor7b5 and Augmented7. These 4 chord types can be displayed different ways depending on the music book publisher. In most cases a book will determine a set way to call a chord type and maintain that for their book. We are familiar with the 1 note down structure for the Major7th chord and now as we add the 2 notes down we are preparing ourself for further for chord playing in tunes of your choice. This is the 2nd part of a 3 part system I have for learning all chords on the piano. A very easy, professional concept that will stay with you even at the highest level of playing. The outer edges hold great value in chordal playing. Eventually we introduce the inner parts of the chord, however my teaching trains you to place these parts up into the Right Hand. This way you have the chord spread out between two hands. We will cover this more in my material covered in my methodology. On those chord symbols you don't know yet , you need just play the LETTER in the Left Hand and this will work just fine until a time where you will know what more to play. Enjoy this powerful chord outer edge development.

Scales - C G D RIGHT HAND one octave - The key of D is added in this lesson. By adding one key per lesson you will continue to grow in this traditional part of our practice. It is best to place emphasis on the technical benefits in these beginning stages of playing as you learn this new material.

Reading - MELODIC READING - quarter note melodies are applied against left hand chord letters. Special focus is given to sharps and flats applied to the melodies.

Counting - QUARTER NOTE PIECE - You expand to learn reading of an active quarter note melody and quarter rests in this musical page. Great support given for reading notes on the lines and spaces.

Chords - MAJOR TRIADS - 4 keys - 6 levels of application with emphasis of the 3rd and 5th degree focus.

Chordal Patterns - The 3 note left hand chord figures presented in a basic style will hold great value even at the higher levels of playing.

Tunes - MAJOR7 - 7 white keys - Piece 2 moves you forward with 7 keys and half notes in the tune. You will enjoy the RIGHT HAND melodies played against the outer edges of these (7) major7th chords in the LEFT HAND.

Improvisation - C G D scales will be explored in a free form improvisational setting with emphasis on the (9th-2nd) degree followed by the root of the chord and then with your improvised selection. A great way to see the value scales offer as we apply them in this more advanced presentation.

Blues - C BLUES progression will now function with half notes using 4 tones chosen from the blues scale. Explore your creativity using these notes. You can expect to feel more comfortable with this topic the more you work in ideas.