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Month 3 includes...

NEW! Take 5 - Play the piano in 5 minutes - WHITE KEY IMPROVISATION (2 note clusters) - Special attention is given to adding more ideas into the Right Hand selections. You will notice we will be featuring (2) note clusters in the Right Hand which will add great effect to your improvisational ideas. Using narrow and wide 2 note selections will present lots of note options. Still be aware of the VOID NOTES as you play as they should not be a held part of these cluster formations. The Left Hand will be working on mastering the 3 note chordal patterns on the chords provided and will view the various options you can play for further variety.

NEW! Take 5 Tunes - Play the piano in 5 minutes - Chord Shell- 3 notes down- Maj6, Min6, Dim7 - We now complete the 3 part presentation to professional chord playing. This new focus of 3 notes down will complete our focus of outer shell chord playing for the Left Hand. This is incredibly powerful material. All professional players will use this outer edge development to support their chord playing. I bring it forth to the beginning student with emphasis that they will be learning a tool that is used even at the highest level of playing. 3 more chord types are learned which will complete a list of most chords found on the piano. You will have now entered what I feel is one of the most exciting areas of playing the piano. These foundation steps will provide an incredible framework for all of our playing to come.

Scales - C G D A RIGHT HAND one octave - The key of A is added in this lesson. The musical LEFT HAND note selections held against the scale will make practicing scales fun and help train you to rapidly recognize the scale parts for each key.

Reading - BASS CLEF INTRODUCTION - An important part of traditional piano studies will be introduced at this time. Chord symbols remain to simplify the learning process and help identify the bass clef notes. Reading two notes played at a time in the right hand will dramatically improve your speed in finding notes.

Counting - HALF/QUARTER/WHOLE mixtures - This musical piece will hold a mixture of rhythms for you to count. Play the letter of the chords shown in the left hand to add support to the music.

Chords - MAJOR TRIADS - 8 keys - 6 levels of application. Nearing completion of all keys. Our primary focus is on the triad parts viewed separately outside of the traditional 3 note grouping.

Chordal Patterns - The 3 note figures will now move against a moving melody to assure a musical outcome. ENJOY!

Tunes - MAJOR7 - BLACK KEY (piece 3) - The black key chords will complete the major7 chord group. Melodies move a bit quicker in the piece than in previous lessons. A professional sound will be achieved to further support the importance of this presentation.

Improvisation - C G D A are our scales for this lesson. Emphasis on 3rd degree to the 2nd then to your improvised chosen note. Each improvised note will be chosen carefully and you will clearly see why it was chosen.

Blues - C BLUES emphasis on applying 5 tones chosen from the blues scale using quarter notes against the LEFT HAND chords. As the blues scale range expands more possibilities will be available to you.