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Month 6 includes...

Scales - WHITE KEYS one octave RIGHT HAND - The completion of all the white key scales is a solid accomplishment. The scale application you are practicing will surely draw your focus much more than a traditional scale presentation. This technique is designed to be much more musical by placing the LEFT HAND notes in place creating these held musical tones against the scales. Choosing these LEFT HAND musical tones is a strong part of learning the scale notes, seeing them clearly as you search.

Reading - 2 NOTE MELODIC READING and BASS CLEF- Bass clef focus will present powerful root notes in the left hand as you set up to read active quarter note melodies in the right hand. The right hand will surely be challenged. Go slow and always look ahead to the up and coming notes.

Counting - Ties are now introduced to the varied mixture of note values we have learned. Extra attention to counting carefully when note values are being combined with the ties.

Chords - MINOR TRIADS - ALL KEYS - 6 levels of application with special focus on the b3 and the 5 to better prepare effective use of these triad parts in your playing.

Chordal Patterns - Piece and duet - Place the 3 note figures in carefully against the melodies of whole, half, and quarter notes. The duet will add a nice twist on this part of the lesson adding a secondary part that fits beautifully.

Tunes - MIXTURE of MAJOR7, min7, dom7, min7b5, aug7 chords. Full outer edge chordal application will mix the chords learned to date in a very musical piece. A wonderful conclusion to set us up for the last outer edge alteration creating 3 more chord types to come.

Improvisation - all WHITE KEYS- Creative improvisation is viewed choosing scale tones to play against the LEFT HAND chords. A gradual process which will continue to grow the more you explore.

Blues - 6 rhythmic locks are applied to the C BLUES scale. By selecting notes from the BLUES SCALE, melodies will come to life as the rhythm of the notes sound over the 12 bars progression. Wonderful ideas are learned to apply when you want to create your own ideas.