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Month 7 includes...

Scales - WHITE KEYS one octave RIGHT HAND - Focus now will be given on the key of Bb added to all the white key scales. The held musical tones in the left hand will lend themselves to a wonderful sounding exercise while the learning process is enhanced with further viewing of the parts of the scale.

Reading - 2 NOTE MELODIC READING and BASS CLEF - The reading of 2 note groupings will help you further excel finding notes quickly on the piano. Placing quarter notes on beats 2 , 3 and 4 will push you to locate them viewing ahead as you play. Bass clef now will be placed on beat one enabling you to focus on this note first before you play your first right hand 2 note group. A wonderful fundamental presented in a musical piece.

Counting - Ties applied - A variety of placement for the ties is presented here. Emphasis on the left hand falling in place while the right hand notes are tied will hold great value.

Chords - MAJOR TRIADS 3rd application with throw aways - We begin now by placing our chords most important part into the harmony. the 3rd...the 3rd of the chord will be placed under the written melodies to now spread the chord between the two hands. You will be releasing the chord parts to play the 3rd up high on beat 3 followed by the 5th even higher. A great musical way to view the parts of this chords function.

Chordal Patterns - TWO NOTE CHORDAL PATTERNS - We focus now on how to play chordal patterns when 2 beats or 1 beat situation occur . A valuable experience which will lend itself to further more advanced playing to come.

Tunes - 2 5 1 6 progression using 1,7s in LEFT HAND - Full outer edge chord development will enable you to play this beautiful piece. Observe the difference held between the chord types written in the music. The left hand outer edge will conform to the given chord symbol. A technique that even at the highest level of playing one will use all the time.

Improvisation - ALL WHITE KEYS and Bb mixed degree - By learning the important parts within the chords it lends itself to help develop improvisational ideas in your playing. Focus will be made on the 1,3,5,7 and 9. this mixed degree presentation will help so many apsects of piano playing. By isolating these tones you can see very clearly just what works on the chords to make improvising an easier to understand topic.

Blues - INTRO 1/8 note rhythmic locks - A variety of rhythms will be presented here to have you apply the C blues scale to. the chordal progression will off a nice twist on this creative topic. Keep the tempo slow to see the many options you will have and to better control the blues scale tones.