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Month 8 includes...

Scales - WHITE KEYS and Bb , Eb, one octave RIGHT HAND - We climb further through the keys with the scales. The notes played in the LEFT HAND will add to this fundamental part of our lesson with musical interest. Step TWO will push your knowledge of the scale degrees while your right hand becomes more proficient each day building strength, accuracy and control in your playing.

Reading - 3 NOTE MELODIC READING and bass clef - Focus here will be given on reading 3 notes at a time in the RIGHT HAND. Still controlling the bass clef as well as it comes in on beat 1 all by itself followed shortly by the 3 note treble clef notes. Surely a way to bring your reading to new heights. Remember as one reads 3 notes with speed when reading a typical 1 note melody in a tune you will be stepping down to a much easier application as a result of your efforts presented in this lesson. So read these clusters of notes, you will be glad you did.

Counting - TIME SIGNATURES 2/4, 3/4, 6/4 - An awareness of various time signatures now is learned. A fundamental very important to know is now displayed in 3 musical settings on this page. Enjoy how each time signature effects the music.

Chords - 3rd application, moving melody - We apply the 3rd of the chord into the right hand under the melody on the chord points each bar. This technique will hold tremendous value to all as it lays down a strong foundation for even the most advanced playing. this process will actually spread the chord between two hands giving you a very professional layout of the chord and wonderful sound.

Chordal Patterns - LESSON 8 piece and duet - Placing the 3 note patterns in the left hand against the melodies will help keep music moving and in time. Wonderful sounding piece that will be supported by a great duet section. Emphasis on accurate time keeping must be applied in order to achieve the musical result of playing these together. Another technique that will be brought into more advanced playing as well.

Tunes - MINOR PROGRESSION, min7b5,dom7 and -(maj7) - Playing the outer shell to these chords better prepares you for the application to read chords in your own selections. The melody played here will also offer a challenge with two note clusters often played against the left hand 1,7s. Very musical piece of music here that will make you sound like you have been playing for many years.

Improvisation - ALL WHITE KEYS, Bb, Eb,quarter note releases - We go further down the path of taking the 1,3,5,7 and 2nd of the scales and bring fortha structure to play against each scale followed by two quarter note choices , yhou choose to release to at random. A very powerful exercise offering a musical experience in improvisation.

Blues - eighth note rhythmic locks - The blues will be applied here over a fun different kind of chord progression for the blues which adds maturity to this blues package. By locking now into two set of eighth notes in the right hand you are challenged to bring forth the blues scale against the left hand chords.