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Month 9 includes...

Scales - ALL WHITE KEYS, Bb Eb Ab RIGHT HAND one octave - Apply yourself here with the held notes in the left hand will enhance your scale experience adding more dimension in the sound . It will also help you learn the individual parts of the scale much better than some other traditional applications.

Reading - 3 note reading mixed with 2,1 notes and bass clef - This musical piece will encourage you to want to read better. Emphasis on looking ahead to grab up and coming notes is most valuable here. We also pay attention to the bass clef notes which are still introduced on the 1st beat of each measure all by themselves then followed by active reading treble clef.

Counting - EIGHTH NOTES - We begin with the application of eighth notes and how they must be played counting each beat in 2 parts to accomodate this new notation. Another wonderful sounding piece will give you the oportunity to hear them applied in a very musical setting.

Chords - MINOR TRIAD, b3rd application, moving melody - We now provide full chordal harmony to these minor chords by placing the b3 of the chords below the melodies which spreads the chord parts between the two hands. Always offering a musical setting to practice this information one cannot miss the value presented here which will be carried into much higher levels of playing.

Chordal Patterns - LESSON 9 piece and duet - This beautiful sounding piece will come alive as you place in the 3 note chordal patterns establish time and adding the movement which enhances music. A technique that we always acknowledge to be used in much higher levels of playing.

Tunes - 3 notes down, MAJ6,MIN6,dim7 - We now complete our presentation of all chord types using the 1,7s in the left hand. I refer to many times as the shell. These outer edges will be used by all professional pianists and once you hear the piece they are used in here you will hear clearly that you are on your way.

Improvisation - ALL WHITE KEYS, Bb, Eb,Ab mixed degree and half note releases - We go further with our improvisation offering more freedom with you releasing your choices to (4) half notes within the scale. The tomes you highlite are the 1,3,5,7 and 9 which will feed your improvisational ideas.

Blues - SKIP and RESUME of BLUES SCALE - This fun twist on the scale adds a new feeling to running this scale. The progression I use too is very interesting and will add a professional flair to this exercise. By skipping notes within the scale and resume by going back to pick them up you ad this curve in the line which makes for much more added interest.